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How To Become A Locksmith In Texas?

How To Become A Locksmith In Texas?

If you want to be a locksmith in Texas, you have to be aware that locksmithing license by the department of public safety in Texas and the private security Bureau (PSB). Thus, you have to get a permit to be a locksmith. 

PS: In case you have a criminal background, you have to check with the state before processing any further. 

If you have a good background, there are a couple of ways to be a licensed locksmith. The first & most comfortable way with less expensive costs is looking for reputable locksmith service. That already there in the market as ours and work as a trainee for a couple of years. This firm will sign you up with the state & will give you a locksmith pocket card.

Now you are legal! 

Right after these two years, you can contact the PSB to set the “Qualified Managers” exam. When you pass, you will be the qualified manager of your shop. 

The Other Option Of Becoming A Licensed Locksmith:

  • Need to take a 48hrs basics locksmith course.

  • Attend a locksmith trade school that includes a specific curriculum.

  • Work for a licensed & reliable locksmith service or shop for a full year.

Right after you finish up your education, you can contact the PSB to schedule your “Qualified Managers” exam. Right after your pass, you will be able to start your shop.

** The “Qualified Managers” test is so hard & requires us to be aware of the familiar with the rules & laws that control our industry. To own your shop requires passing through a federal background check, education, or work experience will be verified, and you will need to maintain liability insurance.

Also, to keep your locksmith license, you have to complete your education. You may not be aware of how unique our professionals are, as we can do more than just key cutting & messing with keys. Here is a list of some of the things that we can do:

  • Explain & educate consumers about different lock types, grades, manufacture, and quality.

  • Properly install locks through drilling holes & frames.

  • Properly fit lock installation and make sure that nothing binds.

  • Recommend security hardware to fulfill your needs.

  • Duplicate & cut the original keys.

  • Rekey locks & install Master keys.

  • Lock picking

  • Automotive services as “Unlocking, Rekeying, Transponder Keys, etc.”

  • Install commercial panic bars.

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