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How to Rekey a Door Lock?

How to Rekey a Door Lock?

Learn how to rekey your deadbolt & entry locks like a professional at simple cost without calling an expert locksmith by using a simple rekeying kit once you lose your keys. 

Required Tools For Lock Rekeying Process:

Having the essential tools before starting this DIY project is necessary as it will save your time & effort. 

  • 4 in 1 Screwdriver.

  • Needle-Nose Pliers.

You must buy a rekeying kit like a Schlage rekey kit that makes you rekey your lock with no need to call pros.

Let's Start

Do you just lost your house keys, and you feel worried that it may fall in the wrong hands? If you are not the first occupant of your house, you will never know who has copies of your house keys. Locksmiths charge you for rekeying a single lock, even if you bring it to their place.

Since most homeowners have multiple doors, they will need numerous rekeying locks, which will be expensive. 

You can rekey your lock like a professional and at a cheap cost with Schlage rekey kit. You can find a variety of rekeying kits available for most lock brands like Schlage or Kwikset rekey kit. You have to buy a rekeying kit for each lock you have inside your house "you will be lucky if they all are the same brand." 

Each rekey kit will rekey six locks, but you can order more pins if you want to do more. This kit can work on entrance and deadbolt locks as it comes with two keys & all the essential tools you will need except the screwdriver. Make sure you keep current keys to use them while removing the cylinder.

  • Remove The Knob

(Insert the wire tool that comes with the kit into the knob hole & press the knob clip, pull the knob out) Insert the key inside your lock and turn it till you unlock the door. Remove the doorknob & lock cylinder housing. 

  • Remove The Retainer Ring

(Push the retainer ring kit against the retainer tool to take it off the cylinder) By using the special retainer tool that supplied with the kit, you will force off the retainer ring.

Put the ring beside you to replace it later

  • Remove The Cylinder Plug

Insert your old key and turn it whether to the right or left. Remove the plug pushing the plug follower (given with the kit) through the cylinder. The top part of the cylinder contains springs & pins that keep the pressure on the pins.

You have to keep the plug follower well tight to the cylinder plug till it completely removed, so the pins & springs do not pop out of the cylinder. If they fall to make sure you pick them up and follow the instruction sheet to insert them again.

  • Insert The Pins & Reassemble The Lock

Get rid of the old pins, insert the new key by using small needle-nose pliers to match the color code on the instruction sheet with new colored pins. 

Once your new pins are in, reverse the steps again to reassemble the lock.   

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