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What Is Keyless Entry?

What Is Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry means opening your door with a finger press. Keyless entry systems make you get rid of the annoying & frustrating feeling of searching for hidden keys in your handbags. Modern cars don't need you to unlock your doors by turning the lock physically. 

Also, a fully keyless entry system doesn't require any button-pushing. Only having the key fob inside your pocket will unlock your doors, making your hands free to put your valuable things inside the car. 

Just inside, you have to press a button to start your engine if your car has a keyless start-stop.

How does the keyless entry work?

The keyless fob contains identity chips inside it that always listen to radio signals by the car. The signals travel only short distances "less than 5 meters".

Once you come close to your car and hold the handle of your keyless vehicle, the vehicle will send short radio signals. If the key fob is near, then it will respond to the car and will submit its code. The auto will recognize this and will unlock the doors. 

There are keyless boot systems in some car brands as BMW 3-series with a sensor on the back bumper. By waggling your foot underneath the bumper, you will find the boot open automatically without any need to touch the handle if you are holding things in your hands.

What Are The Keyless Entry Problems?

The car doesn't shut off the lock or the engine itself automatically when the fob goes out of the range. By doing this, you make sure that you will not suddenly get stuck in the middle of your way if your battery dies. 

However, this means that if you dropped someone of your car and have the key fob inside their pocket or bag and go away when you turn off your engine, you won't be able to start your vehicle again.  

Also, there are serious worries about the keyless entry worries that thieves can break them. Researches have proven that radio signals that car release can be boosted deceiving it that the key fob is near. Some thieves can block the signals of keyless entry devices, so the car doors will never lock. 

In 2014, after many Range Rover thefts, police advised most car owners to fit a steer wheel lock as a second defense choice against thieves who can overcome keyless security. 

Therefore, security experts recommend keeping keyless entry keys away from doors & windows like a double protection solution as thieves can steal your vital signals wirelessly from your outside doors.

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